Sleep Hypnosis for Insomnia by Julie langton Smith MSc


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This is just a short taster session to demonstrate how effective hypnosis can be for sleeping. Julie Langton Smith has been working for 20 years with health issues and has found that clinical hypnotherapy has helped many people with a variety of health related symptoms. Sleep difficulties have a definite impact on both physical and mental wellbeing. Regular and proper sleep is important for good decision making, lowering anxiety, helping with moods, boosting the immune system, stress related conditions and general health.
Sleep hypnotherapy for people with issues of getting to sleep each night, gentle commands that lead the person to reach a deep and restful safe sleep routine if listened to regularly.

Sleep Hypnosis, the best therapy for insomnia and sleep disorders.
Julie Langton Smith is a clinical health hypnotherapist, transpersonal psychologist and Naturopath. Julie works with subtle energies and her special interest is the relationship between the mind and the body with regard to achieving and maintaining optimum and balanced health.
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