Richard Bandler - Fear of Flying Phobia - Part 1


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Fear of Flying Phobia - Part 1
The best way to describe that Hypnosis is a way to change "belief" better way of life removing Unconscious bad Habits even life Experiences.
Dr. Richard Bandler Phynoterapist/ Co-founder of NLP!
To summarized!!! NLP + Hypnosis a variety of better belief goals - changes of her memories the subject - expand her inner "belief"

Fear of Flying Phobia - Part 1

Fear of Flying is a Phobia: an irrational fear

In order to deal with fear of flying effectively you acknowledge to yourself that it is not just a matter of your 'nerves', of developing determination or will-power, or of 'pulling yourself together'.

Fear of flying is a phobia. It may be a quite mild phobia or a severe one. But it is a phobia.
A phobia is an irrational fear!!!

To be precise, it is a mainly irrational fear. Because most phobias do have a degree of realism.

And fear of flying is a partly rational and partly irrational fear. Yes, planes do crash and the one you're on, or thinking of traveling on, could conceivably crash.

But the likelihood is very small indeed. If you have a fear of flying you probably know this already. And you know that, statistically, it is more dangerous to walk around any town or city. Or travel by car.

You know these facts but this does not stop you dreading flying.

Changing Bad Feelings Exercise

1. Think about somebody who annoys you, intimidates you, or irritates you. Make an image of him and see him look at you in whatever way he looks at you when
he is annoying you. Hear him say whatever it is he says and notice the bad feeling that happens in your body.

2. Take this image and make it black and white. Move it far off into the distance. Make it much smaller, one eighth its size. Place a clown's nose on his face.

3. Hear him say whatever it is he says, but hear him say it in Mickey Mouse's, Donald Duck's, or Sylvester the Cat's voice.

4. Notice how you feel differently. Then distract yourself for a few moments and think of him again. You will still be feeling differently about him.

When you practice using your brain in this way, you will find yourself feeling really good a lot more often. Achieving personal freedom is all about developing new mental habits and skills and getting used to mentally running your brain the way you choose to run it. Cheers!!! :)

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