Prt 1: Interview with Dr Chris S Hyatt 2008 Illuminati coast to coast


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See also part 2

This is an audio excerpt from an interview of the late great quabbalist psychlogist and Tantric ceremonial magician, Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt. It is a wonderful interview which is at times sarcastic and at other times brutally honest and sharp. It really shows a clear and fascinating portrait of the mind behind the man as he was in real life, as opposed to his formal literary tone which most authors tend to speak in in their books. The conversation topics range from magick to the True Will and Thelema to kundalini and Crowley's idea of the Holy Guardian angel, as well as to some menacing revelations about the true nature of morality and death, taken from a perspective only he can be so taoist-faced about. The good doctor is in excellent critical form here, and any fan of his should check it out.
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