Milton Erickson Seduction


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"You can't seduce me," a woman once said to Milton Erickson. He replied, "I'll explain to you how easily you can be seduced. And you think it over.
If I were a young man and wanted to seduce you, I'd ask you for a date, take you out to dinner and to a movie, and show you a most wonderful time.
On the second date I would tell you that I would really like to seduce you but I know that you are not the kind of girl that can be seduced. 'So I'll just drop the subject and let's have a nice date.'
And I would advise you, 'Don't give me eight dates. You'll be perfectly safe with the first seven dates. But don't give me an eighth date.'
"Then it would be safe for you to give me a fourth date, a fifth date, a sixth date. And all the time your hormones would be working on you. On the seventh date your hormones would be well worked up. I would kiss you good-night on the forehead. I'd wait a week and call you on the eight date. And you know what would happen?"
Who wants to break this down into the very detailed specifics of how and what Erickson did?
You can find this story in "My Voice Will Go With You" teaching tales of Milton Erickson.
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