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Listen to the relaxing flow of water as the underlying message works its way in to your subconscious mind. It is based on "The Psychology of Happiness" and the 14 Fundamentals by Dr. Michael Fordyce. You can download this Ebook for free at the 'Contact Us' Tab at:
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The text for the subliminal message will be found below:
1.) You will keep yourself mentally and physically occupied
2.) You will be more active
3.) You will exercise more
4.) You will start to eat more healthy foods
5.) You will be more social
6.) You will be an outgoing person
7.) You will be productive at meaningful work
8.) You will get better organized
9.) You will eliminate unecessary worry from your life
10.) You will set real and attainable goals for yourself
11.) You will develop more positive thinking
12.) You will maintain your focus on the present
13.) You will work on a healthy personality
14.) You will learn to relax and be yourself
15.) You start to feel good about yourself
16.) You will be your own person
17.) You embrace those who are closest to you
18.) You will focus on what is important to you
19.) You will embrace love for your family and friends
20.) You truly value the attainment of your happiness
21.) Right now, you choose to be happy
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