Derren Brown - Apocalypse Part 2 Full HD


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Derren Brown - Apocalypse Part 2 Full HD

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Watch Online as we Review - Derren Brown in 2012 - In Part 2 - Derren uses hypnosis on a guy as he unleashes the "Apocalypse" - In Derren's plan - he convinces one person that the planet has been devastated by a catastrophic meteorite strike, as a lethal infected now roaming the land and he is one of a mere handful of survivors.

Was this whole thing Fake?

Our 'survivor' (Actor - Steven Brosnan) is someone who takes life for granted, and has yet to truly value what he has. The adventure that awaits him is meticulously crafted to give him the ultimate wake-up call, and teach him valuable life-lessons.

Illusionist Derren Brown has been hit by allegations that the 'victim' of his apocalypse stunt is an actor.

Did Steve leak the apocalypse plot on Twitter before it was filmed?


Apocalypse centered around one man named Steven Brosnan,
who had been described as suffering from a 'lazy sense of entitlement'.
In a trailer for the show, he said he was "lazy" and "irresponsible", while
his mother said that sometimes she felt like he didn't love her anymore.

The show was an opportunity to give Steven a second chance at life and making
him realize how important his life really is. The setup was that a meteor
shower hitting Earth had caused the end of the world. Steven supposedly woke
up two weeks after the disaster in an abandoned military hospital to find that
he is one of a group of survivors now living in a zombie wasteland. He made
his way through a carefully planned storyline.

Derren Brown - Apocalypse Part 2 Full HD

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