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Deep Sleep Hypnosis - Meditation for Sleep & Relaxation

The hypnotic induction within the first 7 minutes serves to still and quieten your mind, preparing you for the sleep induction that follows. The induction itself will amplify your state further to point where you can drift off effortlessly.


You can either use this meditation for sleep, or to simply relax with no intention of sleeping. Either way, headphones are recommended. It is advised that you use a low/medium volume.


You may think that the voice alone is enough, but we've also added ambient meditation music, as well as brainwave entrainment audio for total relaxation and immersion. The isochronic tone descends from a theta to low delta frequency, which is highly conductive to deep, dreamless sleep. You can alter the intensity of the pulsing effect of the isochronic simply by playing around with the volume.


This audio may also serve as an ASMR trigger for sleep. What is ASMR, I hear you ask?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and is phenomenon characterized as pleasurable tingly sensation in parts of the body (i.e scalp, spine, back of the head) in response to various auditory or visual stimuli. Auditory stimulus can include anything from the sound of a person's voice, to ambient noise such as crinkling paper, scratching, tapping etc.

Some cool ASMR channels to check out: (This is my favourite, simply because it's weird and doesn't take itself too seriously)


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