DEEP SLEEP: Fall asleep easily with SUBLIMINAL HYPNOSIS | meditation music for insomnia


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Fall asleep easily and effortlessly with the new subliminal hypnosis session.
These subliminal commands will help you let go of your worries and relax your body muscles and mind. It's well known that when you experience stress it's almost impossible to let go and calm down. The subliminal commands shift your subconscious mind to release stress and tension, relax more easily and have a calm state of mind. In addition, the subliminal affirmations will make falling asleep very simple.
The subliminal hypnosis is covered by soothing meditation music that is doubling the relaxation affect.
If you constantly suffering from bad sleep and or waking up in the middle of the night -- listen to this subliminal meditation before sleep with HEADPHONES for at least 4 weeks. After achieving the desirable sleeping quality, listen when needed or when you feel stressed.

The affirmations:
I fall asleep easily in times I choose to fall asleep
I let go of all of my worries and fears
Entering into relaxing mode before falling asleep is natural for me
My body muscles become loose and free before sleep
It's really easy for me to calm down when falling asleep
My mind is slowing down
My thoughts are calming down
My body is at peace
I feel serene and relaxed
I take deep breaths before falling asleep and it helps me to relax
Slowing down feels good
I can effortlessly let go of my worries and concerns
My mind is balanced and at ease

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