Attract Money - Millionaire High Vibration Affirmations


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1 full hour of super potent, high vibration millionaire mindset affirmations.
These are extremely powerful simply for the fact that they all affirm in the "present" rather than just hoping, dreaming and affirming in the future tense.

Listen for 30 days and re-program your subconscious.

The trick with affirmations, is you have to actually believe what you are saying though, so be in a good mood - good mindset while listening.
Therefore, the universe has no choice but to reflect to you exactly what you are feeling !!

Background music is: 1) "Manifesting Potential" and 2) "River of Love"
Both sound frequencies will bring your brain to the theta state, which relaxes it into manifestation. The vibration of love is the frequency that will bring manifestations to you, as you are open and feeling joy, perfect mode for receiving high vibration manifestations.

Many Blessings to all you MILLIONAIRES !!!

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