001 - Hypnosis Induction


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This is a basic hypnotic induction. 10 minutes long, it'll guide you into hypnosis, give you a few suggestions making it easier to go under more quickly and effectively in future, then it'll wake you up again feeling refreshed alert and shiny.

I have a longer version available which is 16 minutes long, it had to be cut down a little to meet the time constraints. Please leave any comments that you feel like making, or mail me at entrancement@gmail.com if you'd like to know more about future files / hypnosis.

My intention is to make future files featuring other fun / weird and / or theraputic themes. This first file should help listeners drop easily into trance when subsequent files are listened to.



See Julie's reaction to this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jpi-e4-cntg
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