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Virginia Satir Video - Pioneer of Family Therapy in a 1985 N... 0    0

Purchase the full 3 hour video here: Virginia Satir was one of the pioneers of family therapy. She was also a major source of NLP patterns and distinctions. In 1985 she present...

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Hypnosis: You Must Obey 0    0

MP3 Link: This video is designed to make the viewer enjoy being more obedient to people they trust. This video is not a Slave Hypnosis video but it can be used t...

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Breaking The Hypnotic Code Of Reptilians, How To See Them 0    0

Breaking The Hypnotic Code Of Reptilians, How To See Them by Michelle Walling May 2, 2016 Breaking the hypnotic code of Reptilians

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Slave Hypnosis for Female Subs 0    0

This video is a Slave hypnosis exclusively for my female subs. That means it is only intended for those, who have already seen my other slave hypnosis files. Let me warn you. This file is very very e...

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Mind Orgasm? 0    0

Intro to erotic hypnosis session to create a mind orgasm

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Hypnosis For Women: Hands Free Orgasm 0    0

Try my newest version of this hands free orgasm hypnosis session here: +18 This video includes a new hypnotic induction that will bring the listener to orgasm. It&ap...

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07 - Erotic Hypnosis - Orgasm On Command 0    0

New Free submission training program link: -- This gives you your first experience of 'Orgasm on Command' in Erotic hypnosis. Orgasm on command via hypnosis i...

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