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How to Create a Hypnotic Tie-Dye Cake | Eat the Trend 0    0

If you're the kind of person who loves watching paint being mixed or are mesmerized by the milk, food coloring & soap experiment than this is the dessert for you! Create a stunning ti...

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Hypnotic Solar Explosions 4K 0    0

To the naked eye, our sun is an unremarkable ball of heat and light. Under the eye of the Solar Dynamics Observatory, the sun is a seething maelstrom of magnetic phenomena, coronal mass coronal mass ...

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Hot woman has hypnotic orgasm 0    0

The hypnotist puts her to sleep then gives her a suggestion to have an orgasm when she wakes up!

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Hypnosis for relaxation and stress relief 0    0

This video uses my standard induction to relax you and relieve stress. Some suggestions are given to help you deal with the stress in your life and then the video closes with my usual suggestions of ...

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Self Hypnosis Relaxation trance mind meditation 0    0 Hypnotic walk in the amazon rainforest with relaxing sound effects of the river,tropical birds, and wildlife. Nice comfortable hypnotic music. Enter the site and find...

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Hypnosis Handshake Orgasm Part 1 0    0

the host of the hypnosis show told all the participants that for each person to shake their hand between the end of the show and the exit of the theatre they would have an orgasm...

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