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Demon Magicians: Episode 6 - Demons help Derren Brown read M... 0    0

EPISODE 7: Source material: A trip into the supernatural Derren Brown - Evening of Wonders Yif art of Magic The Scole Experiment David Blaine - Real or M...

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Derren Brown Mind Reading: Revealed 0    0

How does Derren Brown reads minds? Revealed, Exposed and Explained. Here is a link to the original trick. You may want to watch it first and see if you can see how it is done.

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Derren Brown - How To Play Paper, Scissors, Stone (also know... 0    0

Interested in hypnosis? Subliminals? Law of Attraction? If you've followed Derren Brown, then you know how powerful our minds are. They can either work for us or against us. And with that bei...

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Demon Magicians: Episode 6 - Demons help Derren Brown, & Psy... 0    0

EPISODE 7: The new series will be called something else and go into how the UFO, ghost and channeling phenomena are connected to eachother and the Illumina...

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