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Hypnotist gets out of speeding ticket!!! AMAZING!!! 0    0

International hypnotist, Spidey, uses hypnotis and NLP techniques to get out of a speeding ticket! People who want to learn hypnosis or NLP often use this video as a reference to hypnosis used in a co...

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Derren Brown Controlling Someone Walking - Trick of the Min... 0    0

Derren can control when people stop walking. Here he tries to pass this gift on to someone else. For more amazing clips of Derren subscribe to our channel -

Hypnotic 51 views

Derren Brown Apocalypse - Full Part One - (HD)! 0    0

The first of a two-part show, Apocalypse unleashes Derren Brown's most audacious plan yet - to convince one person that the planet has been devastated by a catastrophic meteorite strike, that...

Hypnotic 35 views

Derren Brown's Stunt With Robbie Williams - Trick Of The Min... 0    0

Derren pierces each of Robbie Williams arms with a needle while Robbie, eyes closed sings three blind mice. For more subscribe to our channel -

Hypnotic 40 views

Derren Brown Guesses Penalty Kicks With Marc Bircham - Trick... 0    0

Derren teams up with QPR midfielder Marc Bircham and manages to guess without fail where the footballer will put his penalty kicks. Another mind blowing clip from Trick of the Mind. For more amazing ...

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Derren Brown Wakes Boy Up In His Dream - Trick Of The Mind 0    0

Derren Brown not only predicts a mans dream but then re-creates it for him. For more subscribe to our channel.

Hypnotic 20 views

Stephen Fry Amazed By Card Trick - Trick of the Mind 0    0

Stephen Fry is left bewildered by a clever card trick performed by Derren Brown. For more amazing clips of Derren subscribe to our channel -

Hypnotic 23 views