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How to control someone's decisions Derren Brown Yes and No g... 0    0

Derren Brown and Stephen Merchant play a game. Heres what really happens. I partially wanted to make this because a lot of people say that derren ONLY uses conjuring tricks and slight of hand. Althou...

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This weeks guest is illusionist Derren Brown. He's discussing magic, his new show 'Miracle' and his new attraction for Thorp Park. Subscribe to LBC:

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Derren interviewed by friend and fellow magician Guy Hollingworth in 2012. Rare not on Youtube anywhere else.

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In Conversation: Derren Brown on Magic and Happiness with Al... 0    0

Derren Brown and Alain de Botton share a love of philosophy and a fascination with the psychology of religion, including its pathologies. Tonight, for this one-off event, these two truly exceptional...

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