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Arriva il Fidget Spinner! un video asmr super rilassante e ipnotico antistress per farti addormentare! (più chiacchiere in whispering su di me e un countdown!▼▼▼

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The best water sounds to date! Kinetic ASMR sleep hypnosis is an immersive relaxation that you’ll feel in your body while moving through space and various sensations. In this asmr sleep relaxation, ...

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ASMR Sleep HYPNOSIS ~ powerful and sleep inducing hypnotic r... 0    0

Hello! I am your hypnotist Whispering Moon and today you're going to experience a sleep hypnosis with powerful, relaxation inducing elements. Please relax now and let me take you to a hypnoti...

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Hypnosis Session for Confidence and Self Esteem for ASMR & R... 0    0

Hypnosis Session for Confidence and Self Esteem for ASMR & Relaxation Purpose. ** Audiophiles STOP look below ** Through out your life it is normal to feel a little nervous meeting or intro...

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ONE HOUR of ASMR- Binaural (3D) Hypnosis Sound -Relaxing and... 0    0

Super Relax Channel put away advertising for your enjoyment. Enjoy the videos without annoying interruptions. If you want to thank or to support our channel, you can do so via PayPal -

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THIS HYPNOSIS WILL BE FELT IN YOUR BODY, as it is an immersive kinetic relaxation using space, sounds and visualization. In this sleep hypnosis with some amazing tingly asmr triggers, you will drop in...

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ASMR Holidays! Role Play for Relaxation & Sleep Hypnosis - M... 0    0

Welcome to Dreams Travel! The ASMR paradise for your journey to a peaceful break. 00:09 - Soft spoken introduction to ASMR Dreams Travel featuring keyboard tapping, tablet tapping and sounds 03:13 - ...

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554 Programmed to Serve Goddess Zenova 554 FemDom Hypnosis 0    0

So you want to be My slave? If you want to serve Me as My slave you need to be reprogrammed to serve in the way that I want. Let me put you in a DEEP trance and reprogram your mind to serve and to fee...

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