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The best water sounds to date! Kinetic ASMR sleep hypnosis is an immersive relaxation that you’ll feel in your body while moving through space and various sensations. In this asmr sleep relaxation, ...

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ASMR Sleep HYPNOSIS ~ powerful and sleep inducing hypnotic r... 0    0

Hello! I am your hypnotist Whispering Moon and today you're going to experience a sleep hypnosis with powerful, relaxation inducing elements. Please relax now and let me take you to a hypnoti...

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ONE HOUR of ASMR- Binaural (3D) Hypnosis Sound -Relaxing and... 0    0

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THIS HYPNOSIS WILL BE FELT IN YOUR BODY, as it is an immersive kinetic relaxation using space, sounds and visualization. In this sleep hypnosis with some amazing tingly asmr triggers, you will drop in...

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Download this track: Sleep Hypnosis Special Collection:

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